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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
Phone: 800.444.TEST
Fax: 281.580.0719

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Fuels Composition

Accurate Fuel Composition Analysis

Fuel composition analysis is critical to maintaining fuel quality, regulatory and environmental compliance, and consistency of performance.

Jet Fuel Analysis
Standard tests (ASTM D3241 or IP323) are required for every batch of jet fuel produced to ensure oxidation stability of the fuel. PAC offers industry-proven instruments to help you meet ASTM and IP requirements for jet fuel analysis.

Gasoline Analysis
PAC’s AC Analytical Controls and PetroSpec analyzers provide detailed hydrocarbon analysis to determine the components in petroleum streams and crude oil, and are compliant with ASTM D5134, D6729, D6730, and D6733.

Diesel Fuel & Blending Streams Analysis
PAC’s Herzog and PetroSpec analyzers are designed to analyze diesel fuel and blending streams with minimal operator intervention.

Catalog of Instruments

Color and Haze

DT 100 - Dye Tester - DT 100 - Dye Tester

Diesel Thermal Oxidation

102431 - DTOT - Modified JFTOT for Diesel Fuel Application

Ethanol in Gasoline

QuickSpec - Ethanol and Water Content Analysis in Fuel Grade Ethanol and Gasoline

Freeze Point

OptiFZP - Freezing Point Analyzer - Freezing Point Analyzer

Gasoline Characterization

D3606 - Benzene - D3606 - Benzene

D5580/D4815 - Aromatics and Oxygenates - D5580/D4815 - Aromatics and Oxygenates


FTO D6296 - Fast Total Olefin Analysis - Fast Total Olefin Analysis

PIONA Prefac - Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis

Reformulyzer M4 - Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis

Gum Content

HGT 915 - Gum Test

HGT917 - Gum Test

Heater Tube Rater Automatic

OptiReader - Ellipsometer - Heater Tube Scanner

Heater Tube Rater Manual

VTR-100 - Visual Tube Rater

Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test

Intelligent Heater Tube - Intelligent Heater Tube - IHT

JFTOT IV - Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester

OptiReader - Ellipsometer - Heater Tube Scanner

Micro Carbon Residue

MCRT160 - Micro Carbon Residue Tester


VISCOlab 3000: Laboratory Viscometer - Temperature Controlled Viscometer for oil viscosity measurements in lab

VISCOlab 4000: Small Sample Viscometer - Laboratory viscometer for accurate, reliable, repeatable viscosity readings

Viscometer Sensor 440-443: High-Pressure - High Pressure Viscosity Analysis for PVT Oil, Core Analysis, and R&D

VISCOlab PVT: High Pressure Viscometer - Viscometer for elevated pressure and temperature measurement

Water in Gasoline

QuickSpec - Ethanol and Water Content Analysis in Fuel Grade Ethanol and Gasoline