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FP92 5G2 - Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point
Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point
FP92 5G2 - Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point

FP92 5G2 - Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point

FP92 5G2 - Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point

Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point

Test Methods
ASTM D92, ISO 2592, DIN 22719, DIN 51758, EN 2719, IP 36, DIN EN 22592, EN 22719, EN 22592, NF EN 22592, GOST 4333

ISL’s FP92 5G2 combines leading flash point technology with user friendly automation in a conveniently compact design, which boosts your laboratory’s productivity while greatly improving repeatability and reproducibility. Operation couldn’t be easier; simply select from a list of pre-programmed testing conditions, then press the Test key. Test progress displays in real time on the easily viewable screen.

Sophisticated quality control featuresincluding traceable automatic calibrations with lock-out control and automated quality verification fulfill your ISO 9000 quality system requirements. Its extensive local data storage is further supplemented by LIMS export capabilities, while the addition of ALAN enables multi-instrument networking with centralized operation control and data management. For enhanced automation, add ISL’s SC6 6-position sample changer at any time. On-screen prompts guide you through the quick, simple test setup and allow you to program new sample positions even as another test is in progress. Each of the six test cups is equipped with its own heating plate; once a completed sample’s flame has been extinguished, the next test begins immediately with a cold plate.


Flash Point Cleveland Open Cup

Features & Benefits

Unparalleled Versatility, Absolute Simplicity

  • Easy test initiation by factory pre-installed test method; able to customize test methods and conditions
  • Real-time display during testing, which is viewable from 5 meters (16 ft.)
  • Multi-language user support
  • Automatic lighting and test flame monitoring
  • Optional cooling block for sub-ambient testing
  • Detachable cup cover and shutter simplify cleaning

Enhanced Quality Features

  • Built-in sensor for automatic barometric pressure correction according to ASTM or ISO methods
  • Automatic, time-recorded calibrations with lock-out control
  • Warning message when result is out of specification

Safe, Dependable Operation

  • Relights flame, if necessary, during operation and suppresses gas source at end of test
  • Automatic fire detection system with external fire alarm connection
  • Over-heating detection with automatic heat shut-off during test

Optional PC Control & Multi-Instrument Networking

  • Centralizes control and data management of up to 31 ISL ALAN-ready cold behavior, distillation & flash point instruments
  • Automatically stores results to database with sorting and filtering capabilities
  • Transmits results to external computer, network or LIMS with data extraction mask for each test program
  • FP92 5G2 Automatic Open Cup Cleveland Flash and Fire Tester
  • FP92 5G2 BIT - Automatic Open Cup Cleveland Flash and Fire Tester for asphalts
  • FP92 5G2 SC- Automatic Open Cup Cleveland Flash and Fire Tester with sample changer