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"Analysis Of Oil In Water By Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy"          

The determination of oil in water streams has an enormous impact in oil producing and oil refining operations not only from the environmental stand point but also as a mean for process and operation control. There is a need for fast, accurate and rugged analyzers, not only to monitor the quality of the world water resources but to assist the operations of industrial processes and to comply with regulations for water disposal of treated industrial waters. Three important characteristics define our analyzers:

Advanced Sensors by PAC is the leader in the manufacturing of cutting edge technologies for oil in water analysis. There are many analytical gravimetric, spectroscopic and chromatographic methods to measure the concentrations of oil in water, each one with different scopes, advantages and disadvantages. Several of those are considered as reference methods so the correlations of alternate procedures could be established.  This presentation describes and reports results showing the suitability of a portable hand held analyzer of oil in water by Laser Induced Fluorescence. Since sampling and sample conditioning is a fundamental stage of a reliable method, care has been taken to reduce matrix effects data dispersion and to prolong the validity of the calibration files.


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