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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
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"Improving Analysis Time and Increasing Robustness for Group Type Analysis of Gasoline and Gasoline Blend Streams"

Abstract: Group type analysis of gasolines and gasoline blend streams using multidimensional gas chromatography has been standardized in key methods, such as ASTM 6839 and EN ISO 22584. In Europe, the EN 228 gasoline specification mandates analysis for gasoline specification according EN ISO 22854 for various groups and/or specific components. Generally, these methods are immediately associated with Reformulyzer™ instrumentation, which has been the pioneering technology in this field of expertise for over 25 years, leading to the previously mentioned standardized methods. Data is presented showing the technical advancements in the 4th generation Reformulyzer™ technology. • Reduced analysis time through Capillary/MicroPacked solution with N2 carrier • Improved Uptime with Redesigned MicroPacked traps for excellent performance • Improved Olefin Trap technology for superior lifetime and robustness Analytical solutions are demonstrated for gasoline and various gasoline blend streams.

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