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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
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To keep up with the global sulfur regulations, PAC is excited to launch the next generation sulfur and nitrogen analyzer: NSure. As sulfur standards get lower, refineries require real-time monitoring and process control using robust analyzers with correlation to the primary test methods that can handle a wide range of products. Based on decades of experience and hundreds of installations, NSure addresses the market requirements by offering users the ability to measure total sulfur, total nitrogen or both in a single analyzer. 

NSure Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen Analyzer

With its large installed base, Antek by PAC has proven to be a global leader in lab and on-line elemental analysis instrumentation. Antek pioneered total sulfur and total nitrogen analysis utilizing pyro-fluorescence and pyro-chemiluminescence technology. NSure takes the technology to the next level based on experience and user feedback resulting in a robust analyzer that can address a wide range of applications.

Leading Technology

The Antek UV-Fluorescence (UVF) spectrometry technology for sulfur and chemiluminescence detection (CLND) technology for nitrogen are fast and accurate, providing determinations from ppb to percent levels within minutes. These methods eliminate any matrix interference problems providing accurate results to even very low levels of sulfur and nitrogen.

NSure uses the same proven technology of its previous models —the 6000 and 6200— to ensure lab accuracy with process robustness. By utilizing the same technology that labs use to qualify products, NSure enables plants to ensure regulatory compliance while operating as close to the upper limit to maximize profitability with continuous and precise measurements that correlate with the primary test methods.

NSure’s innovative design can operate over a wide range and withstand process swings. Its complete combustion of the sample allows for fast response even in difficult process conditions.

"We are excited about the new addition to our process analytics portfolio. Based on customer feedback, we have significantly improved our elemental platform to serve a variety of applications for years to come", said Lisa Houston, General Manager PAC Process Analytics.