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OptiFlash™ Cleveland Open Cup is the Latest Addition to the Herzog Flash Point Line

Houston, TX., USA – July 2017– PAC recently launched the last analyzer of its OptiFlash line: Cleveland Open Cup. The Optiflash CoC accurately detects flash points up to 400°C for petroleum products, lube oil, gear oil, food & beverages, chemicals, and  bitumen. OptiFlash CoC is fully compliant with leading global standards.

Its innovative design with the unique optical Flash Point detection makes it easy to use and easy to clean. OptiFlash has an automatic lift arm, and robust hardware that requires very low maintenance. It also includes an automatic damper that covers the test cup at test end to reduce vapor escape and to stop the fire after a Flash Point or Fire Point. As Ignition Source OptiFlash can use an Electric Igniter or a Gas Flame with automatic flame monitoring. There’s also an optional rake to remove surface skin that might form on certain bitumen samples during the test.

The straight forward user interface includes an alpha-numeric keypad that supports multiple languages in it’s 7” color touch-screen. The system allows the use of a barcode reader to input sample data.

OptiFlash COC

For maximum safety OptiFlash COC comes with an additional optical fire detection system with two built-in fire sensors and a fire extinguisher system with external inert gas and a link to a lab alarm system.

OptiFlash CoC complies with ASTM D92, ISO 2592, EN ISO 2592, IP 36, GB/T 3536 methods, and comes with a 2-year warranty.

PAC’s Herzog OptiFlash is the result of 50 years of experience in automated flash point measurement. It is designed to perfectly meet today’s expectations on user convenience, quality and safety.