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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
Phone: 800.444.TEST
Fax: 281.580.0719

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PAC Videos


Watch the video for our Reformulyzer Performance Monitoring Program

NSure Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen Analyzer

Watch the video for NSure, our new Total Nitrogen and Sulfur Analyzer


SIMDIS: Next generation software suite for GC SIMDIS Analyzers that truly refocuses all operator efforts on workflow. Watch video

Herzog CID Video 

The Herzog Cetane ID 510 analyzer provides for highly accurate Derived Cetane Number (DCN) analysis for diesel fuels.  Learn more by watching the videos.  

Freezing Point Analyzer

Take a quick preview of the new OptiFZP, the next generation freezing point analyzer. Watch video

ViscoSure: Alex Lau

Watch an interview with Alex Lau talking about
ViscoSure, our new process viscosity analyzer.

Dan Airey Video

Dan Airey talks about the new ViscoSure's technology.
Watch the interview

OptiFlash Video

OptiFlash detect flashpoints for petroleum products, alcohols, solvents, chemicals, food and beverages. The analyzer comes in 4 different models: Pensky Martens, Tag, Abel and Small Scale.
Watch video

JFTOT IV Introduction Video

The JFTOT IV is the latest generation of jet fuel thermal oxidation testers from Alcor by PAC. Learn how it enhances safety, simplifies operation, and increases productivity by watching the video.


IRIS Demo Video

IRIS Software provides customers the advantage of connecting PAC laboratory instruments, locally or worldwide, and managing these instruments, as well as communicating results, from a single computer.
Watch a demo of IRIS Software. 

 M4 Video

The Reformulyzer M4 is the latest edition of PAC's multi-dimensional gas chromatography analyzer for fast group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams. Learn more on its reduced analysis time and improved uptime by watching the video.

Vida Video

The ISL VIDATM Density Meter is a highly automated density measurement instrument that provides precise and accurate results, as well a high level of repeatable and consistent analysis. Learn more by watching the video.


Herzog by PAC OptiDist Video

The Herzog OptiDist™ analyzer is an innovative automated distillation analyzer, which is extremely easy to use, provides unsurpassed precision, and uncompromising safety features. Herzog by PAC is the leader in this field with over 50 years of experience. Learn more by watching the video. 

CVI Viscosity Sensors

The Process In-line and In-tank Viscosity Sensors from CVI cover a wide range of applications, including coatings, fuels, petrochemical, refineries, oil analysis, and lubricants. Learn more  by watching this video.

IHT Video

The Alcor Intelligent Heater Tube (IHT) is an innovative and revolutionary advancement in traceability and security for jet fuel thermal oxidation testing. Learn more by watching the video.


QuickSpec Video
PetroSpecs Portable QuickSpec ethanol purity analyzer delivers simple, fast, accurate analysis of gasoline-grade ethanol in the field. Its a low-cost solution to quickly determine water and denaturant content of ethanol. Watch the video.