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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
Phone: 800.444.TEST
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"New MultiTek Software Version 2.1 - Overview and Enhancements" Webinar

PAC has released a software upgrade for the Antek MultiTek®. The latest release, version 2.1, incorporates several improvements, including:

MultiTek software helps laboratories by saving operator time and simplifying testing since one calibration curve is applicable to a wide range of samples for a single run. No more trial and error is needed, e.g., trying to get the right calibration range for a specific sample or trying different calibration curves for different ranges. MultiTek is the only instrument on the market that combines testing for sulfur, nitrogen, and halides all in one.

Download our recorded webinar to learn more about the new features and to see a software demo.

*Note - the webinar download is in English