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Improving Accuracy and Precision in Crude Oil Boiling Point Distribution Analysis

Boiling point characteristics for crude oil are used by the refineries to characterize the raw product so it can model the end product closer to specs. More accurate and precise data for the entire crude oil range translates into better profit for the refinery with very little product give-away while still meeting stringent product specifications. High Temp SIMDIS, the traditional gas chromatography method for this analysis, is known to deliver slightly worse precision data for the lower boiling point range (below 150°) due to solvent quenching.

Combining High Temp SIMDIS with DHA Front-End data overcomes this and delivers much better precision data for the whole crude as such, resulting in more accurate cut point determinations, and a better product value optimization. Fill in the form below to download the white paper to compare results from High Temp SIMDIS versus HighTemp SIMDIS/DHA Front-End analysis.

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