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Asphalt Viscosity Control

There are more than 700 refineries worldwide, operating in virtually every country, with a capacity to produce 82 million barrels of oil per day. Of these, 137 operate in the US with an estimated capacity of 17 million barrels of crude oil per day. With the demand for energy continually rising, there is immense pressure on producers to streamline and speed up production, increase yield, and operate more efficiently.

A barrel of crude typically yields 50% gasoline, 15% fuel oil, 12% jet fuel, and so on through diesel, asphalt, lubrication oil, and other refined products. However, actual output varies dramatically by refinery. Viscosity is one on the most critical measures of product quality for virtually every refinery product.  New developments in viscosity measurement are enabling refineries to realize significant improvements in production quality, cost, and output. These new developments and their respective benefits are discussed in the "Effective Viscosity Management in Asphalt Refineries".

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